Friday, 14 October 2011

Kibou Niji Rengou Rainbow Fighters Reborn. The Logo.

Je tenais d'abord à m'excuser auprès de mes lecteurs français. Malheureusement, écrire ces articles en deux langues me prend bien trop de temps. C'est pourquoi je suis obligé de me concentrer sur une seule langue. Et pour atteindre le plus grand public, je suis contraint à utiliser l'anglais. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, les épisodes de Rainbow Fighters Reborn eux-mêmes seront toujours publiés en français !

In last week's post, I presented the logo above as the logo of the upcoming series Kibou Niji Rengou Rainbow Fighters Reborn. However, to tell you the truth, I was not completely happy with this logo. While I'm happy with the concept (a big ribbon-like R with a rainbow gradient, behind the rest of the title), I felt I executed it poorly. It just looked a bit cheap. So I started working on the logo again.

First, I wondered whether my feeling came from the fact that the stroke of the ribbon-like R was too thin. So I started by thickening it a bit, and ended up with this:

It looks better, but still a little tacky. So I went back to the drawing board and decided to redesign the R entirely. This is what I ended up with:

I feel like it's a big improvement. And to make the ribbon-like nature of the R even more visible, I made a last version:

This does really make it look like it's made of ribbons, doesn't it?

So now I have all those alternative logos, but now I've started to doubt myself: was the original logo so bad after all? Are the new ones not unnecessarily heavy? I'm not sure what to do with all those alternatives any more. As usual, I have difficulties making a final decision: which logo should become the official logo for Kibou Niji Rengou Rainbow Fighters Reborn?

So after a lot of pondering, I thought the most effective way would be to involve you, my readers, in the decision! After all, you support me by reading what I make, so I may as well listen to what you have to say!

So basically I'd like to organise a little survey. The question is quite simple: which logo do you want as the official logo of the new season of Rainbow Fighters? The alternatives are:

  1. The original logo: "The original was just right, thank you very much!"
  2. The logo with thickened stroke: "Making the ribbons wider was all it needed to become perfect!"
  3. The logo with the redesigned R: "Now that's more like it!"
  4. The logo with the redesigned R with ribbon-like extremities: "Now that's what I call a ribbon!"
  5. None of the above: "All your designs are crap! My ideas are far better than yours!" If you have got other ideas, don't hesitate to share them with me!

So that's my little survey. To participate, just leave a comment indicating which option you prefer. If you choose option E, I'd also like to have your opinion on how the logo should look like, and if option E wins I'll make sure to create a new design that fits as many wishes as possible.

I'll leave this survey running for a month. Don't hesitate to participate! Let your voice be heard!

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