Friday, 25 November 2011

Kibou Niji Rengou Rainbow Fighters Reborn. The Antagonists.

When a sequel has been announced to a fighting-Mahou Shoujo-style story, there are usually two main questions from the fans:

For a written story like Rainbow Fighters Reborn, the first question is difficult to answer (although if someone actually wants to make animations for me, I'd be honoured!). As for the second answer, it needs to be handled carefully so as not to create early spoilers (or give away that they are just a carbon copy of the previous villains! Not that that's the case here!).

Still, I wanted to give you some information about those Angel and his friends will have to fight against, just to wet your appetite. So here it is:

Okay, it might be not so much spoiler-free as being totally hermetic, but at least this time I have illustrations for the villains as well! It's actually my plan to add more illustrations to the written texts in this season than what I did last season. I hope it'll work out! And if you want to help, I'd be more than happy! Someone who is able to draw my characters would be more than welcome!

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