Friday, 16 December 2011

Kibou Niji Rengou Rainbow Fighters Reborn. Current State of Affairs.

This will be a short post. Life has been very hard on me lately, and without going in details, let's just say that a few things have kept me away from doing much work on Rainbow Fighters Reborn. So far I have finished re-editing the first three episodes of the new series, and I hope the holidays will give me time to carry on with the work.

It's not enough though, which is why I am now repeating my call for help: if you can read French, I need your help! The job is very simple: read my episodes, correct the typos and grammar mistakes you find, and comment on the style and contents. It shouldn't take long: each episode shouldn't take more than half an hour of reading. If you're interested, please comment here or contact me. See this post for more details (or this link for the English version).

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will have something nice to share next week. See you then!

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