Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lexember Starts Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is the 1st of December, i.e. the start of the Lexember month! And as I promised, I will participate by publishing my newly created Moten words on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and for the first time for me on Tumblr! (with all the Tumblr posts being mirrored on my blog for good measure ;)) And I encourage everyone who is interested to join by creating words for their own conlangs and publishing them with the #lexember tag! I will track this tag here on Tumblr, so as not to miss any of your creations :). You might want to do the same ;).

In order for everyone to be on the same page, here’s a quick recapitulation of the Lexember rules:

  • For the entire month of December, every day, once a day, create and publish a new word for one of your conlangs (it’s nicer to use the same conlang throughout, but that’s up to you). The publication should contain the word, its definition, and whatever etymological and usage notes you feel like sharing. Examples are welcome but optional :). Don’t forget to use the #lexember tag on your posts!
  • The created words should be everyday words relevant for the environment where the conlang is spoken (e.g. its conculture, if it has one). The idea is to identify semantic gaps in your conlang vocabulary, and fill them. So no jargon or technical terms, unless they are also used in daily life by your conlang speakers. Slang terms are welcome, but in order not to hurt sensibilities it might be worth warning people in the title of your post when you create such words.
  • The created words should truly be new, i.e. new stems, new derivations and/or new compounds. Just adding a new meaning to an existing word doesn’t count ;).
  • Using other people’s Lexember creations for inspiration is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! (as long as it’s relevant for your conlang naturally :P) As is commenting on other people’s words. This should be a social event :). Don’t hesitate to link to the post that inspired your own creation when you publish it!
  • While the goal is to create and publish one word per day, we all know that December is home to various other social occasions, so it’s understandable if you are unable to publish your creations everyday. In order not to destroy the flow of Lexember, my advice for everyone is to create a few words in advance, and use the queueing and scheduling capabilities of Tumblr to create a buffer. This way, it should allow you to bridge all the festivities without missing a Lexember day :).
  • Have fun! This should feel like a game, not a chore! :)

That’s it. Personally, I will publish each one of my Lexember words everyday at 12PM CET. You’re welcome to use whatever schedule fits you best :).

So, let’s unleash our vocabulary creation powers, and fill December with our creations. Happy Lexember!

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