Sunday, 31 August 2014

Moten Word for the Day

istu|l /istuʎ/, verb: “to summon, to call; to bring along”

I can’t get enough of the calling dog :P.

Here we have a very common Moten verb. On its own, it’s nothing special, and its two main meanings (“to call” and “to summon”) are rather standard. It also means “to bring (someone) along”, which sounds a bit weirder but is really just a straightforward extension of the “to summon” meaning.

However, istu|l is mostly common in Moten because of its very frequent use to form compound verbs based on nouns or other verbs. Used in this way, it’s nearly ubiquitous, similarly to how suru (“to do”) is used in Japanese. And to show the wide range of verbs that can be created using istu|l, I will devote the next few words for the day to it :). I hope you’ll enjoy them!


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