Monday, 1 September 2014

Moten Word for the Day

imikostu|l /imiko̞stuʎ/, verb: “to phone, to call on the phone”

I did warn you! Can’t get enough of the calling dog ;).

When looking at compounds of istu|l, imikostu|l is probably the most boring one. It’s formed by compounding istu|l with miko: “remoteness, long distance, far”, i.e. “to call from afar”.

The main reason why it’s so boring is that istu|l basically keeps its meaning in this compound, making imikostu|l just a subset of istu|l. And indeed, just like in English one can simply say that they “called” someone and people will understand that they meant “by phone”, in Moten it’s common to simply use the verb istu|l when one actually means imikostu|l.

Don’t worry though, I promise the next compounds will be more interesting to look at :).


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