Monday, 15 September 2014

Moten Word for the Day

ivalstu|l /ivalstuʎ/, verb: “to dream, to fantasise (about)”

Recursive sleep. Mmm… I could do with some of that!

So, this will be the last verb based on istu|l for now. After so many examples, you should have got an idea of how productive this verb is :).

In terms of morphology, this verb is formed with va|le, a noun meaning “image”, “idea” or “fantasy”. Here again, va|le is in its short compound form val-. So “to dream” is “to summon an idea”.

In terms of semantics, it mainly means “to dream”, but can also mean “to fantasise” (or “to imagine”), when the fantasy in question is considered implausible or at least the speaker treats it that way. When someone fantasises about things that are plausible, in Moten one will use the verb ivalpinasi instead, which is also a compound with va|le, but in this case with the verb ipinasi: “to feel, to look”, a verb that is worth an entry in this series all for itself, so I will not discuss it further for now ;).


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