Thursday, 4 September 2014

Moten Word for the Day

ipenlastu|l /ipe̞nlastuʎ/, verb: “to invite; to ask out”

And then? Looks to me that this plan hasn’t been thought out thoroughly enough ;).

Once again we are looking at a verb-verb compound, this time with istu|l compounded with ipenlaj: “to wait for; to expect”. In other words, that verb means literally “to summon and wait”, which is pretty much what inviting people is about (I always get nervous waiting for people to show up, and constantly worrying they won’t actually bother…).

So far, all the compounds I’ve shown “make sense”, i.e. in those compounds istu|l is used in a way that is semantically meaningful. In the next compounds though, it will only be used as a sort of “verbal carrier”, i.e. a semantically bleached suffix there to ensure the resulting word is a verb. So expect a bit more variety in the next words for the day! :)


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