Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Moten Words for the Day

idatistu|l /idatistuʎ/, verb: “to make up, to think up, to create, to invent”

ipistu|l /ipistuʎ/, verb: “to build, to construct, to create, to invent”

In this case, created awesomeness! :P

Today, two verbs based on istu|l instead of one! And all because they are similar in meaning and form a natural group :).

In Moten, there’s not a single word for “thing”. Rather, Moten works similarly to Japanese by separating things into “concrete things” (mono in Japanese, ipi in Moten) and “abstract things (koto in Japanese, dati in Moten). Basically, ipi means “thing, object, tool, machine”, while dati means “thing, concept, way, manner”. And when combined with istu|l, they form two different verbs both meaning basically “to create” or “to invent”, with ipistu|l focussed on the creation of concrete things (hence “to build”) and idatistu|l focussed on the creation of abstract things (hence “to think up”).

So “to invent” in Moten is literally “to summon a thing” :).


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