Saturday, 17 December 2016

17th Lexember Word

hayré [hä͡ɪˈɾe̞ˑ], intransitive verb: “to be left, to be on the left side; to go/turn left“

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Really hard to find GIFs about the left direction…

Anyway, some cultures lack the concept of relative directions. The Mountain Folk is not one of them :P. So naturally, they have words for left and right. And here is the most common word for “left”, as in “left side” or “left direction”. Notice that it is a verb. As I mentioned before, what would be adjectives in many languages are stative verbs in Haotyétpi.

Notice also the dynamic meaning of this verb next to its stative meaning. In Haotyétpi, all stative verbs marking a state or position also have a dynamic meaning that refers to reaching that state or position. Context will usually disambiguate.

I am not aware of other meanings for this verb. Not only that, but it does not seem as if Mountain Folk culture gives negative connotations to the left side, as is not unknown in cultures of the world.

No example today.

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