Tuesday, 20 December 2016

20th Lexember Word

ankehayrép [änd͡ʑe̞̽ɦɐ͡ɪˈɾe̞ˑp], nominalisation: “left side, left area”

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Well, she’s looking in the right direction in any case.

Today’s word is simply a nominalisation of the verb hayré: “to be on the left”. However, it also uses the prefix anke-, which is worth mentioning. With nouns, and some verbs, anke- indicates that something is not what it appears to be, i.e. it means “pseudo-, mock”. However, with many verbs, it indicates instead that the entire environment of the speaker is involved, rather than a specific object. In this case, for instance, it indicates that what one is speaking about is the entire left side of the surroundings, from the point of view of the speaker (generally) rather than the left side of their body.

Ankehayrép wataspá ken: “Be a dear and put it on the left.”

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