Tuesday, 6 December 2016

6th Lexember Word

remuríp [ɾe̞mʊˈɾiˑp], alienably possessed noun: “lightning, flash of lightning“

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Well, it’s either lightning or an alien attack…

Since we had thunder yesterday, it was logical to follow with thunder’s older brother, lightning. Notice, however, that the word remuríp does not refer to the lightning strike itself, but rather to the bright flash of light caused by a lightning strike. To refer to lightning actually striking, we’ll need a few more words, which will come in the next few days.

This time, to make up for the lack of examples in the last 3 Lexember entries, here’s a more complicated example sentence:

Iwté remuríp ricán no tu, ortáse ponop kanná irát sinwa so as: “I can see lightning in the distance, but can’t hear thunder yet.“ (literally: “I see lightning that is far away, and even then the god still isn’t here.”)

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