Thursday, 8 December 2016

8th Lexember Word

eków [e̞ˈgo̞͡ʊ], transitive verb: “to cross, to pass, to go through“

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I don’t know what she went through, but she definitely did!

Haotyétpi is mostly a verb-framed language. While it does have verbs encoding the manner of motion, most of its verbs encode the path of motion, and they are the verbs that are normally used as the main verb of a sentence describing motion. Also, it’s very usual in Haotyétpi to simply describe motion with pahú: “to go“ or á: “to come“, without even mentioning how the motion went.

In other words, for a Haotyétpi speaker, the motion itself and its path are its most important characteristic. The manner by which the motion was accomplished is secondary at best.

No example for this one either. I’m just not having any inspiration.

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