Saturday, 31 December 2016

31st Lexember Word

imíke [iˈmiˑd͡ʑə̆], inalienably possessed noun: “back, behind; end“

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Well, of the year and this Lexember month at least!

So, a fitting word for what is the end of this Lexember event, imíke refers primarily to the back or behind of an object or building, to the end of a road, or to the end of a period of time. It’s inalienably possessed, which makes sense as the end is always the end of something, and it’s considered a location, which means it can be used directly with the case particles of location (like the locative ta).

So that’s it for this year! I once again greatly enjoyed Lexember (despite the flu) and will probably go back and read everyone’s entries in the future (and steal the best ideas ;-)). But without further ado, here’s the last Lexember example of the year:

Kaam só imík urhartéan mik!: “It’s the end of the year, let’s celebrate!“ (literally: “let’s celebrate on the occasion of the end of this year!”)

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