Thursday, 11 December 2014

11th Lexember Word

bem /be̞m/, noun: “light, glow, illumination”

ibemi /ibe̞mi/, verb: “to light, to illuminate, to shine on”

Sage advice.

So, today’s not “two words for the price of one” day again. It’s just that I create stems rather than words per se, and it just happens that this stem can be used both nominally and verbally (not a common occurrence in Moten, but still happening from time to time).

Bem, as a root, refers to the idea of “light”, i.e. the electromagnetic wave that ensures we’re not constantly hitting walls :P. As a noun, it means “light”, “glow” or “illumination”. As the transitive verb ibemi, it refers to shining light on something.

Notice that bem refers strictly to the light or glow itself, and the illumination it causes on other things. It does not refer to sources of light (that’s tomorrow’s word ;)).


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