Sunday, 14 December 2014

14th Lexember word

ma|z /mad͡z/, noun: “(river)bank; edge, side (of a 2D figure)”

Not exactly what I meant but close enough :P.

Ma|z is not a difficult word to understand. As I mentioned in the past, Moten people seem to place special importance in rivers, and bodies of flowing water in general (basing their entire metaphor of time on them), so it makes sense that they’d have a word for the piece of land that adjoins flowing water. And that’s basically what ma|z means. Notice that I clearly mentioned flowing water. Ma|z cannot be used to refer to a lake or sea shore.

Ma|z's other meanings (“edge” (of a solid object) and “side” (of a 2D figure)) are simply natural generalisations of its original meaning. After all, a riverbank is nothing but the edge between water and land!


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