Wednesday, 3 December 2014

3rd Lexember Word

i|zipi /id͡zipi/, verb: “to boil, to bake, to cook”

I don’t actually have a smoke alarm. Doesn’t say anything about my cooking though! :P

So, here we have a new verb. Moten so far has had a very big lexical gap in the area of food and cooking, so I decided to start filling it by looking at the basics. And the basics are to have a word for cooking itself ;).

I|zipi's original meaning is “to boil”, with the subject being the thing boiling (i|zipi is strictly an intransitive verb, with the subject always being the undergoer of the action). As in English, it can refer to liquids boiling, or to solids being boiled in liquids. And through generalisation, it has also come to refer to any form of cooking that involves heat, with or without liquids involved.


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