Wednesday, 24 December 2014

24th Lexember Word

isfomstu|l /isfo̞mstuʎ/, verb: “to pour, to serve”

It used to happen to me all the time! But practice makes perfect ;).

Anyway, since today is Christmas Eve, and the drinks are gonna flow everywhere, I thought this was a fitting word :).

Based once again on istu|l, and on yesterday’s sfom, isfomstu|l is a transitive verb referring primarily to pouring liquids into some kind of recipient (usually for it to be consumed, but not necessarily). Pouring champagne into a glass, soup into a bowl, or water into a tub, these are typical actions that can be described using isfomstu|l.

However, probably because of the prevalence of pouring drinks intended for consumption, isfomstu|l has also taken on the meaning “to serve (sthg to s.o.)”. In that sense, it is not restricted to liquids, but can be used with anything that can be consumed (mostly food). Basically, it’s the catering word par excellence :P.


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