Friday, 12 December 2014

12th Lexember Word

bego /be̞ɡo̞/, noun: “light source, lamp, light”

I understand exactly how you feel little light.

So, for the second time in a few days, we have a compound word with 8th Lexember word ugo: “source, spring, origin”. This time it’s a compound with yesterday’s bem: “light, glow”, forming the promised word for “light source”.

There isn’t much to say about bego. It refers to light sources in general (from the sun and the stars to your smartphone’s screen in the dark :P), as well as to lamps in particular. Basically, if you wanted to say “turn off the light!”, this would be the word to use (rather than bem which, as I explained yesterday, refers strictly to light itself rather than to its sources). In fact, I can even translate that small example for you:

Begedon dulak!

So, next time your Moten-speaking roommate prevents you from sleeping by keeping all the lights on, you know exactly what to say :P (in fact, if you think that example is not forceful enough, just wait a few days and I’ll be able to tell you how to say “turn off the damn light” :P).


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