Friday, 19 December 2014

19th Lexember Word

sili /sili/, noun: “exterior, outside”

I hear outside doesn’t even have checkpoints and implements permadeath in such a way that you can only ever play it once! Who let people release reality when it’s obviously still in alpha?!

So, I had a word for “inside” (melag), but not one for its “mythical” antonym. How silly! (pun intended) This is now corrected, with the word sili referring to the exterior or outside (of whatever we are talking about).

Generic location words like melag and sili are quite important in Moten. Since Moten lacks adpositions, and its cases do no allow precise positioning, the way it handles marking precise location is by making use of such words in adverbial phrases, with a noun phrase in the genitive case in front of them. For instance:

  • umpevi (mo)meleag: “in the house” (literally “in the inside of the house”);
  • umpevi (mo)siledin: “(moving) out of the house” (literally: “to the outside of the house”).

They can naturally also be used on their own, as in the annoyed mother’s staple: siledin!: “(go) ouside!” :)


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