Monday, 15 December 2014

15th Lexember Word

imazdu|l /imazduʎ/, verb: “to cut (sthg)”

Using a Willy Wonka meme that ironically comments on the use of Willy Wonka memes, just because it uses the phrase “cutting edge”, to illustrate a word for “to cut” in a language where that word is derived from a word meaning “edge”… That’s either really cutting edge, or I’ve just created so much irony this post is going to collapse on itself and create a black hole. Either way it’s entertaining :P.

So, as I wrote above, imazdu|l is a compound of yesterday’s ma|z, together with istu|l, a verb meaning “to summon, to call”. In other words, in Moten “to cut” is literally “to summon an edge” :). It feels extremely right :).

Istu|l, by the way, is very commonly used to form verbs based on nouns or other verbs


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