Sunday, 28 December 2014

28th Lexember Word

duki /duki/, noun: “solidness, fullness, completeness; also as adj. solid, full, complete”

Which is basically how I feel right now after so much feasting :). That’s the holidays for you!

Duki refers firstly to solidness, in the sense of lacking holes, being made of one piece. As an extension to that meaning, it also refers to containers being full, and to things in general being complete.

As such, it’s not a particularly interesting word (although it’s a useful one). I does actually get more mileage though, in that it’s commonly used as a suffix (I call such nouns “pseudo-suffixes”, because they behave much like derivational suffixes despite being full nouns) to form nouns that indicate possession of a certain quality (pretty much like “-ful” in English). When used that way, duki always appears in its short compound form -duk.


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