Wednesday, 17 December 2014

17th Lexember Word

elbo /e̞lbo̞/, noun: “rib; flank, side (of a symmetric object); side (of an argument)”

What?! No cookies?! Then no dark side, sorry.

So, the canonical meaning of elbo is “rib”, i.e. the curvy bone. Unlike other words referring to parts of the body though, this one can be used with anything with ribs, whether they are human, large animals or small animals.

But elbo has seen quite a bit of semantic expansion. First, it can be used to refer to the flank or side of a person or animal, and more generally to the side of any object with a left-right symmetry. And second, it can be used more abstractly to refer to the various sides of an argument.

It’s quite a useful word that one, especially when you see what you can make of it tomorrow :).


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