Sunday, 10 December 2017

10th Lexember Word

ankokkonák [äŋgo̞̽kːo̞̽ˈnäˑk], closed verb: “to be hot (as a weather phenomenon)”

As I wrote yesterday, while okkó itself does not distinguish between comfortable warmth and uncomfortable heat, there are still ways to make the distinction. When one is talking about the weather temperature, that distinction is made by using the verb ankaróm for comfortable warmth, vs. today’s ankokkonák for uncomfortable heat.

As you probably noticed, ankokkonák is based on okkó, once again with the environmental prefix ank(e)-. In fact, it is formed exactly in the same way as ankyoyták, and like that verb is a closed verb that cannot take a subject (unlike ankaróm, as I mentioned before, which is simply intransitive).

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