Sunday, 3 December 2017

3rd Lexember Word

ankyoyyé [änd͡ʑo̞͡ɪˈje̞ˑ], intransitive verb: “to be cold, to feel cold”

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This verb refers to being or feeling cold due to the environment being cold (as evidenced by the prefix ank(e)- present in this verb, just like in yesterday’s verb). While it may seem redundant compared to yesterday’s ankyoyták, the two verbs are actually complementary, and used in completely different situations:

  • While ankyoyták is a closed verb that cannot take a subject, ankyoyyé is a normal intransitive verb, and can take any subject that is semantically acceptable, even human beings, including (and in fact most commonly) the speaker.
  • While ankyoyták refers to the weather, and thus the outside environment being cold, ankyoyyé is used when someone wants to say that they are feeling cold due to the temperature of the environment around them, or when they want to indicate that they think the enclosed (or at least roofed) space they are in is cold.

In other words, ankyoyták is about the outside world being cold, while ankyoyyé is about closed rooms being cold, or people feeling cold.

Still no example today. I was away all day and haven’t had enough time to think of one…

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