Tuesday, 5 December 2017

5th Lexember Word

ankyoytákpi [änd͡ʑo̞͡ɪˈdäˑkpɪ̆], nominalisation: “cold, cold weather; cold wave, frost“

Aaaand we’re back with the yóy derivatives! Don’t worry, we’re nearly done with cold stuff ;-).

To be more precise, ankyoytákpi is not just a derivation of yóy, but the nominalised form of the verb ankyoyták. The use of nominalisations is extremely common in Haotyétpi; in fact, the -pi in Haotyétpi is the same suffix as in ankyoytákpi. In other words, the name of the language itself is a nominalisation! (it’s the nominalisation of the phrase haotyét: “we speak to each other”)

In terms of semantics, ankyoytákpi refers to the cold as a weather phenomenon, in contrast with yóy which refers to the cold as a property of things. It is commonly found in old stories and fables, but is hardly ever used in modern Haotyétpi language. Haotyétpi speakers will more likely use the verb ankyoyták itself, and if in need of a nominal version, there is a synonym to ankyoytákpi which is much more commonly used. But we’ll see that one tomorrow! :-P

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