Friday, 8 December 2017

8th Lexember Word

ankaróm [äŋgɐˈɾo̞ˑm], intransitive verb: “to be warm (as a weather phenomenon)”

So now we have what basically is the opposite of ankyoyták. It’s the verb used to indicate that the weather is warm. The fact that it also uses the ank(e)- prefix on yesterday’s verb will not have gone unnoticed I bet :-).

So with this verb we now have a neat quartet of verbs going over two axes, one of cold vs. warm, and the other of weather vs. feeling:

  • Cold: weather ankyoyták vs. feeling ankyoyyé;
  • Warm: weather ankaróm vs. feeling aróm.

(too bad Tumblr doesn’t do tables…)

Despite them being opposites, there is one key difference between ankaróm and ankyoyták that somewhat breaks this symmetry: while ankyoyták is a closed verb and cannot take a subject, ankaróm is simply intransitive and will happily take one. It doesn’t need to: ankaróm can be used by itself, indicating that its subject must be understood through context (which is usually not difficult given the semantics of this verb). But it can, and that means that ankaróm can be used in constructions where ankyoyták cannot be.

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