Thursday, 7 December 2017

7th Lexember Word

aróm [äˈɾo̞ˑm], intransitive verb: “to be warm, to feel warm”

Yes! After spending so much time in the cold, time to get warm again :-).

Basically, aróm is the opposite of ankyoyyé. It’s used in the exact same situations where ankyoyyé would be used, but to indicate warmth rather than cold. So it is used of people to indicate that they feel warm due to their surroundings being warm, and with enclosed spaces to indicate that those are warm.

And by warm, I mean acceptably warm. Aróm is always a nice feeling to have. As soon as you are sweating, it’s not aróm anymore (of course, no everyone has the same opinion of what a nice temperature is, so aróm, like all the words I’ve talked about so far, is ultimately rather subjective).

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